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Subject: College Blows 4, Sexy Preteens
Bisexual All three of us were on the floor catching our breath after the
incredible sex we just had. Kate, like the horny little nymph she was,
wanted to be fucked. I thought that this would be a good time for Tommy to
fuck his first pussy girl. I moved over in between his legs and started to
suck his flaccid cock in my mouth. He put his hands on my head and ran
them through my hair. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kate take off her
strap on and her panties. Sexy Preteens She took the dildo and started fuck herself with
it, watching my suck on Tommy’s growing dick. I stopped when he had gotten
fully erect. I gave it a parting kiss and took my head away from his
glistening cock head. ‘Get up on the bed Kate you wanted to be fucked, well here’s a nice
hard one for you.’ She took the dildo out of her sopping cunt and got off the floor,
as she passed I slapped her ass. She paused gave my cock a tug and kissed
me hard on the mouth. ‘It’s Sexy Preteens about time I got some cock around here, with both of you cock
addicts I thought I’d never get any.’ Kate got on the bed on all fours giving us a perfect view of her
ass. She wiggled it a little and looked over her shoulder. ‘Well are you going to fuck me or just stand there staring and
stroking each others cock. Tommy I know how much you like ass, you can
fuck mine before my pussy.’ Tommy and I were stroking the others cock without realizing. We
stopped and Tommy stepped up to her and stuck his throbbing cock into her
pussy. He had a look of surprise on his face for a split second before a
big smile took over. His ass was pistoning back and forth ramming his cock
into Kate’s ass. After about 10 seconds of watching this my cock was as
hard as steel. I got in front of Kate, who had her eyes closed and was
moaning softly, and slapped my cock next to her mouth. Without opening her
eyes, she took me in her mouth and was moving her head up and down my cock
in time with Tommy’s thrusts. The Sexy Preteens room was filled with moans and the
slapping of skin. Tommy leaned over Kate’s thrusting ass and leaned over
her slurping mouth and our lips Sexy Preteens
and tongues met.
I reached over and started to rub his nipples. Then I broke off and
started to kiss and nurse his nipples. ‘Ohhhh yes, you feel so good Kate, I love your pussy, Robbie don’t
stop, lick my nips. OHHHHHH yesss.’ Tommy started to thrust harder into Kate and she started to moan
around my cock. Tommy was fucking her so hard that he was sending her
throat over my cock each time he slammed into her pussy. Kate was really
getting into working my cock over never staying on the same spot for longer
than a split second. One moment she sucking my balls the next she was
swirling her tongue around the head of my cock then she was back to deep
throating me. She started shake as her first orgasm hit her. It looked
like she was a having a seizure she was shaking so much. During this Tommy
had reached his staying point and pulled his thick cock out of Kate’s
sopping pussy. He stroked his dick a couple of times before shooting. His
cum shot over Kate and landed on my chest covering me with his cum. Kate
had come out of her orgasm stupor and saw this. She pushed me down on the
bed and straddled me. ‘You don’t think I’m gonna let you get that cum do you. This loads
mine.’ With that she started lick Tommy’s cum off my chest as she rode me.
I thought she was going rip something she was fucking me so hard. I gave
into my natural impulses and decided to fuck her. I took her in my arms
and rolled us over so her legs were over my shoulders and started to pound
away. With each thrust my balls slapped her ass and Sexy Preteens
she moaned in
pleasure. I felt a tongue on my ass as Tommy rimmed me. He stuck three
fingers in my ass and started to finger fuck me, guess he couldn’t get it
up again so soon. Then he got under us like a mechanic working on the
bottom of a car and he started to lick my cock and Kate’s asshole as I
fucked her. He didn’t let up on my ass while he was doing it. This added
stimulation along with Kate’s blowjob had me at the edge. ‘I want you to cum in me Robbie, ohhhhh yes fuck me harder, that’s
the spot Tommy don’t stop. Unnnnnh!’ ‘I’m almost there Kate. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fill your sweet
pussy with my cum.’ I was thrusting so hard I don’t know how Tommy kept his fingers in
my ass, but he did it somehow. His was concentrating his tongue on Kate’s
ass really rimming her. When I felt that I was going to shoot I slammed
all the way in to the hilt and sprayed her insides with my cum. I left my
cock in there for about a half a minutes while Kate’s orgasm subsided. As
soon as I pulled out Tommy leapt to Kate’s pussy and had his tongues
searching for my cum. When he came out he licked his lips and had smile on
his face. ‘I never knew pussy tasted this good, might’ve been your cum Robbie
but it’s almost as good as cum from a cock.’ ‘So how does it feel Tom to no longer be a virgin to girls, we make
a convert out of you?’ ‘Not totally, I’ll never forsake guys.’ He said right before
kissing my cock and licking it clean. ‘Don’t you two ever stop? I’m surprised your dicks don’t fall off
from overuse. Not that I’m complaining that you’re horny, but you could
take a break once in a while you know.’ ‘Sounds good to me Kate, anymore and my dick will be permanently
chafed. I don’t think I’ve ever cum more in my life. You wanna spend the
night or go back to your room?’ I asked Kate ‘I don’t think I could walk straight after the fucking the two of
you gave me. I’ll spend the night only to sleep, no more fucking until the
sun comes up.’ She said with a smile on her face. ‘I don’t want you two to
wear your cocks out.’ We all piled into my bed and went to sleep with our arms cupping
various parts. I woke up first when I felt Tommy’s hard on pressing into
my thigh. Tommy and Kate were still asleep I gave Tommy’s cock and Kate’s
pussy a quick kiss before I went to take a shower. I was washing out my
hair when I heard a noise and someone got into the shower with me. I felt
a pair of hands spreading my cheeks apart then a tongue in my ass. I just
leaned against the wall and enjoyed the experienced tongues working my ass.
I turned around and got a shock. Kneeling in front of me was my house
fellow Bruce with an expectant look in his eyes. He had shoulder length
red hair, and was short at about 5′7″, 140 lbs of toned body, and his Sexy Preteens body
was totally shaved with no body hair of any type, even his pubic hair and
6″ cock straining between his thighs. ‘Shhhhh, I heard your party last night, this will be our little
secret.’ He took my semi-hard cock in his mouth while his left hand played
with my balls and his right his own cock. He took a straight suction
approach to cock sucking. His mouth was like a vacuum cleaner on my cock
as he bobbed back and forth on it. He started to moan softly, really
getting off on it looking into my eyes as he went to town on my cock. He
stopping playing with my balls long enough to play with my nips and get
them erect before he went back my cum filled balls. Without preamble he
got up and stood against the wall and spread his ass cheeks. ‘Come on man, fuck me with your cock, fill me with your meat.’
Bruce whispered I stood behind and pushed my throbbing cock against his hole and
slid right in. This guy knew how to take a cock and definitely was not a
virgin. As I started to pump his ass he clenched his ass around my cock
and started to jerk his cock. I reached around with my left and took over
for him. He grabbed my right hand started to suck on fingers then started
to massage his nips as I fucked and jerked him. He was bucking back and
forth when suddenly his cock spasmed in my fingers and he shot his load
against the wall where it was away by the water. He got off my cock and
knelt in front of Sexy Preteens me again and took me in his mouth. It wasn’t long before
I was cumming into his vacuum mouth. He swallowed everything I pumped out
got up kissed me long and hard on the mouth grinding his crotch into mine. ‘Come over to my room when you want some action I just love that
cock of yours, the best cum I’ve ever tasted, nice dispenser too. My mouth
and ass are yours for the asking, why don’t you come over after dinner say
around 6:30 and I’ll have a nice surprise for you. Just remember this is
our secret, I don’t want to share you with anyone when I got you.’ ‘Sure thing Bruce, damn you sure know how to fuck, I’d love to see
you tonight.’ He gave me another kiss, and turned around and left swaying his ass
back and Sexy Preteens forth. I shook my head and wondered if I had stepped into some
dream world, and nothing over the last couple of days had really happened.
I finished washing and went back to the room. Tommy and Kate were still
sleeping. Tommy was rock hard, and it looked like he was having a very
good dream. My mouth started to water at the thought of getting his 8 1/2″
in my mouth. I dropped to my knees by the bed and took him into my mouth.
I was licking up and down his shaft, kissing the head, then I would take
him into my mouth, stroking the rest of him all the while. After a couple
of minutes he woke up and looked down. ‘What an alarm, oohhhhhh don’t stop keep going. Sexy Preteens You’re getting
better at sucking cock. Suck my balls Robbie, oh that’s it man.’ I stopped sucking his cock and started to lick his ass while I
stroked his big cock. Working my way up to his balls I took them in my
mouth and sucked both of them at the same time. I went back to working his
shaft with my mouth. Tommy started to fuck my mouth really getting into
it. I felt his balls tense up in my hands letting me know his was going to
shoot his load. I started to suck faster and hard, working my hands all
over his shaft. He thrust his dick in my mouth and shot his load into my
mouth. I swallowed his load, and some slipped out of the corner of my
mouth. I licked it up with my tongue. I got up and started to get
dressed. ‘Listen Tommy I get to get to class, I got a lot of work to catch
up on. Between you two I’m getting real far behind. So I’m going to work
until tonight, probably won’t get back here until late tonight. Tell Kate
when she wakes up that I’ll call her after class.’ ‘Sure Robbie, not a Sexy Preteens bad idea catching up on work, maybe I should go
with you.’ he said with a smile. ‘The idea is to get work done, not fuck around more, no matter how
much that appeals to me. Why don’t you see if you and Kate can have some
fun without me. No reason for you two not fuck if I’m not here.’ I finished dressing while Tommy took his shower. I left a note on
my desk for Kate telling her what I had told Tommy. I went off to class
thinking about how I should if I should tell them about Bruce. I decided
to make my decision later when I could talk to Bruce.
More to soon.
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Let me know if you like-Robbie

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